What Is Hospice Care ~ Options In Denver, Colorado

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Dying can be difficult – for the person who is ill and for families who are grieving and coming to terms with their loss. The hospice care movement was introduced in the United States in the 1970s, and for the past few decades, it’s been viewed as an accepted and valuable service that millions of people have embraced.

What Is Hospice Care
Hospice care services provide palliative care (medical care that focuses on relief from the stress and pain caused by serious illnesses) for seniors who have a terminal illness. To qualify for hospice care, terminally ill seniors must be unlikely to survive the illness, have a life expectancy of less than six months, and agree to forgo medical treatments.

While the majority of traditional medical care is perpetually focused on getting better and living longer, hospice care is focused on “dying well.” It’s a non-religious approach to respecting someone’s wishes, dying with dignity, and experiencing the least amount of physical pain and discomfort as possible.

For each person (and the loved ones of a terminally ill person) this can mean something different – physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually.

What Types Of Hospice Care Are Available In Denver
In the Denver metro area, there several times of hospice care available, including:

  • hospice care facilities
  • in-home hospice care
  • hospice care in assisted living facilities
  • hospice care in nursing homes
  • hospice care in hospitals

Making the decision to seek out or accept hospice care can be a wrenching one, for seniors and their loved ones, because it means conceding that death is imminent. But most people who use hospice supportive care facilities or services view the experience as a positive one, one which can not only improve quality of life, but also alleviate the fear of dying.

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