Senior Living Options ~ Denver, Colorado

In the Denver metro, there are hundreds of senior living options, with all levels of care available.

Below are the most common types of senior living options.

Multi-Level Care Facilities Or Communities
It’s becoming more common to see multi-level care options (in facilities and communities) than it was a generation ago. These types of senior living environments allow seniors to “age in place” – without having to make disruptive moves as their health or living situations change. Multi-level care facilities often offer independent living, assisted living, memory care (and sometimes even nursing home care) all in the same building or on the same “campus.” This flexibility, to pay only for what you need, and to graduate to a higher level of care only when you need it, make multi-care living facilities appealing for many seniors.


Independent Living
Independent living communities in the Denver metro area are designed for seniors who can manage daily activities without assistance. The beauty of independent living, though, is that most complexes provide meals, entertainment, social activities, transportation, and more. In independent living communities, seniors typically have their own apartments and pay a monthly rent. Some independent living apartments have assisted living sections and/or the option of paying extra for assisted living supportive services (such as bathing, dressing, or assistance with medications).

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Assisted Living
Assisted living facilities do just what the name implies: assist seniors. Most assisted living facilities in the Denver metro area feature private rooms or apartments, with a central dining area that offers three meals a day. Seniors receive help – at whatever level they require – with bathing, dressing, using the toilet, taking medications, and more. Assisted living can be a temporary solution (after a hospital stay, for example) or a longterm housing option for seniors who would like to enjoy a safe, social, and supportive environment, while still retaining a level of independence,

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Residential Care Facilities (also known as “Board and Care” and “Residential Home Care”)
Residential care facilities provide housing, meals, personal care assistance, and supervision for seniors, in a smaller setting. Also referred to as “board and care,” this type of senior living option is essentially a sub-category of assisted living.

Often located inside homes that are sprinkled throughout neighborhoods in the Denver metro area, residential care facilities typically have four to eight residents per home, which ensures personalized attention. Residential care homes are non-medical facilities, so there aren’t any certified nursing assistants, nurses, or doctors on staff, but the facilities will generally store and distribute medications for seniors to self-administer.

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Memory Care (also known as “Alzheimer’s Care” and “Dementia Care”)
Memory care is designed for seniors who have Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other memory problems that prevent them from safely taking care of themselves. In the Denver metro area, there are a variety of memory care options for seniors, including: memory care facilities, memory care sections inside assisted living and nursing home facilities, and memory care support (which is now being offered at many assisted living facilities).

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Nursing Homes (also known as “Skilled Nursing Facilities”)
Nursing homes, which are also known as “skilled nursing facilities” offer the highest level of care for seniors. Skilled nursing facilities are often necessary short-term options for seniors who have experienced a recent illness, injury, or healthcare setback. Nursing homes can offer a stop-gap solution until seniors can return home or to an assisted living facility. Or, nursing homes can become permanent residences, offering the 24-hour nursing care that might be required.

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Hospice Care
Hospice care is designed for people who are dying and would like support and palliative care in the last days of their lives. In general, seniors only qualify for hospice care if they’re “terminally ill,” which means that they’re unlikely to survive the illness and unlikely to live more than six months. Seniors must also have agreed to stop all treatments in order to become hospice patients. Hospice care and palliative care can be provided in-home, in hospitals, at hospices and at assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

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In-Home Care Agencies And Companies
In-home care agencies and companies provide the supportive services that seniors need to be able to continue to live in their own homes independently. These home care services for seniors can include personal care, transportation, housekeeping, meal preparation, and more. In-home care agencies typically charge by the hour and can be available for as few as 4 hours per week or up to 40 hours per week or more. In-home care is a great option for seniors who want to be able to stay in their homes for as long as possible, with the safety and security that comes from having caregivers come in and assist on a regular basis.

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