Top 10 Reasons To Move Into Memory Care In Denver

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When is it time for memory care? If you – or your family – are asking that question, the answer may well be “now.” Memory loss issues can sometimes be temporary, particularly if they come as a result of anesthesia or a traumatic life event. More often, however, memory loss is permanent, and worsens with time.

In memory care facilities, the surroundings, specialized care, and support are all structured around helping people with memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s enjoy the highest quality of life, for as long as possible.

Below are the top 10 reasons to move into a memory care facility in Denver.

Reason #1: Safe, Secured Environment
Memory care facilities in the Denver metro area provide a safe and secure environment for seniors who are experiencing memory loss, dementia (mild to severe), and Alzheimer’s. As memory loss becomes more profound and cognitive abilities deteriorate, it’s imperative to have a safe and secured environment.

Reason #2: Appropriate Environment
If an assisted living facility specializes in memory care, chance are that the environment will be more conducive for residents who have memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s. This could include the layout of the building and grounds, the dining room, the shared or private rooms, the furniture and furnishings, and more.

Reason #3: 24-Hour, All-Inclusive Care And Support
At memory care facilities and communities, 24-hour care and support are provided. Everything is taken care of – from assistance with medications to meals, activities to socialization prompts, incontinence care to feeding (when needed).

Reason #4: Levels Of Care
Most memory care facilities have different levels of care, ranging from Level 1 to Level 4, which are provided for residents in the same area of a building or different areas. In Level 1 care, residents might be able to handle some degrees of independence. Whereas in Level 4 care, residents might require intense supervision and assistance with all aspects of daily level, as their memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s reaches advanced stages.

Reason #5: Other Residents Who Have Memory Issues
In a memory care facility or community, all of the residents will be experiencing memory issues. They might become stressed or confused, wander, act inappropriately, repeat themselves, struggle with the simplest of tasks, and/or exhibit other behaviors consistent with memory loss and cognitive deterioration. In a sense, all of the residents are in the same boat, and, ideally, they’re not judging each other.

Reason #6: Caregivers Who Understand Dementia
Trained caregivers at memory care facilities understand dementia and can respond to residents’ individualized needs. Residents in memory care experience unique challenges with confusion and anxiety and may need constant direction, redirection, and assistance with behavioral issues. Specialized caregivers with memory care experience tend to be better suited to work with memory care residents.

Reason #7: Socialization And Activities
Memory care facilities can tailor activities and socialization to people with memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. This might include physical exercises, brain exercises, group activities, personalized care plans, help with relationships and socialization, and more.

Reason #8: Daily Routines
In the majority of cases, people who are experiencing memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s benefit from simple, daily routines that make familiar tasks easier to understand and complete. Customized care plans at memory care facilities are designed to ensure that there are routines and few disruptions.

Reason #9: High Ratio Of Staff Members To Residents
In most memory care facilities, there’s a high ratio of staff members to residents (often 1 staff member for every 4-8 residents), which ensures vigilant, personalized care.

Reason #10: Peace Of Mind
More so, perhaps, than with any other type of chronic illness or injury, memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s can be frightening to experience firsthand or witness in someone you love. Moving into a memory care facility, or helping someone move into a memory care facility, can bring an incredible peace of mind.

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