Top 10 Reasons To Move Into A Multi-Level Care Community In Denver

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In the Denver metro area, there are dozens of multi-level care communities, with more being built every year. It is no wonder this type of living option has become so popular – it allows seniors to age in place.

With independent living, assisted living, memory care, and/or skilled nursing options all in one building or on the same grounds, multi-level care communities provide a “one-stop shopping” solution.

Below are the top 10 reasons to move into a multi-level care community in Denver.

Reason #1: All In One Place
The main benefit of choosing a multi-level care community is that you might never have to move again – this could be your “forever” home. For example, you could start out in independent living and potentially live there for years. But if your needs change, you have the option of requesting assisted living services, moving into memory care, or even receiving skilled nursing care.

Reason #2: Seamless Transitions
Depending on the multi-level care community, the transitions to different levels of care can be relatively seamless. You might be able to switch levels of care without having to move. If you do need to move, it might be to another area of a building or to a nearby building, but the change won’t be as dramatic as if you had to switch to another facility or community.

Reason #3: Hassle-Free Living
Multi-level care communities offer hassle-free living. You can sell your home or condo and move into an independent living unit that you’ll never have to repair or maintain. Transportation’s provided, so you can give up your car, or only use it when you feel like driving. Doctors and other health care providers will visit the community on a regular basis. Once you move into a multi-level care community, you may be amazed at how much easier life has become.

Reason #4: Meals And Snacks
Independent living units in multi-level care communities often have full kitchens or kitchenettes, but you can still get 1-2 meals per day or purchase a meal plan or meal card. In assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing, typically, all meals and snacks are provided.

Reason #5: Activities
Multi-level care communities tend to be larger facilities, with 100-200 residents and a full-time activities director. This means that you’ll have access to a range of activities, inside and outside the community. You might have 30-50 activities and events per month to choose from, so you can really hone in on what interests you.

Reason #6: Socialization And Lifelong Friends
Because there are lots of residents and loads of activities, socialization becomes an integral part of living in a multi-level care community. And if you need to make a temporary or permanent move into another level of care (from independent living to assisted living, for example), you can easily maintain your friendships.

Reason #7: Never Have To Pay For More Than What You Need
The pricing structure of many multi-level care communities ensures that you’ll never pay for more than what you need. For example, you can potentially live in independent living, but have access to assisted living services if you experience an illness or injury. As another example, you might be living in assisted living but need to stay in skilled nursing for a few weeks to recover from a surgery. Whatever the level of care you want, it’s available at many of the multi-level care communities in Denver.

Reason #8: Skilled Nursing On-Site
It can be handy to have skilled nursing services on-site. In some multi-level care communities, if you need wound care, diabetic care, or other skilled nursing services, they can be provided.

Reason #9: Insurance For Life’s Curveballs
In a sense, a multi-level care community provides you with insurance for the curveballs life might throw at you. When you make the decision to move, you might be fully independent, but you never know what what’s to come tomorrow or the next day. Life can change in an instant with a fall, infection, illness, or even just the flu. Or it can change gradually with the onset or worsening of a chronic illness or disease. In any case, if you’re living in a multi-care community, it should be easy to get the care and support you need.

Reason #10: Peace Of Mind
Living in a multi-level care community can provide peace of mind, for what you need today…and what you might need tomorrow.

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